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Angular 7 new features and Improvements

Angular 7 being smaller, quicker and easier to use and it'll creating developers life easier. currently, Angular seven is unleashed! this can be a serious release and increasing to the whole platform including,

1.      Core framework,
2.      Angular Material,
3.      CLI

Many of new things are added in Angular 7 and also many of us will curious to know these new features and bug fixes.

Let’s introduce added and modified new features of Angular 7 
1.      Added a new interface - UrlSegment[] to CanLoad interface
2.      Added a new interface -  DoBootstrap interface
3.      Angular 7 added a new compiler - Compatibility Compiler (ngcc)
4.      Introduce a new Pipe called - KeyValuePipe
5.      Angular 7 now supporting to TypeScript 2.9.
6.      Added a new elements features - enable Shadow DOM v1 and slots
7.      Added a new router features - warn if navigation triggered outside Angular zone
8.      Added a new mappings for ngfactory  and ngsummary files to their module names in AOT summary resolver.
9.      Added a new "original" placeholder value on extracted XMB
10. Added a new ability to recover from malformed URLs
11. Added a new compiler support dot (.) in import statements and also avoid a crash in ngc-wrapped
12. Update compiler to flatten nested template fns
13. Drag & Drop - The @angular/cdk/drag-drop module provides you with a way to easily and declaratively create drag-and-drop interfaces.

Bug Fixes - 
There are some bug fixes are available.
1.      Now using performance.mark() instead of console.time()
2.      Upgrade to trigger $destroy event on upgraded component element

Bug fixes on the core:
1.      do not clear element content when using shadow dom
2.      size regression with closure compiler
3.      Add a new hostVars and support pure functions in host bindings

Bug fixes on elements:
1.      Added a new compiler dependency
2.      Added a new compiler to integration

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